Eggs Over Easy

Eggs Over Easy is the American band that invented UK pub rock, influenced the careers of Nick Lowe, Huey Lewis, Loudon Wainwright III and Elvis Costello, and laid the groundwork for a grassroots movement that would spawn UK punk.

With roots stretching back to late 1960s Berkeley, CA, the three principals in the Eggs – songwriters Jack O’Hara, Austin de Lone, and Brien Hopkins – would by early 1971 find themselves ensconced in London’s Olympic Studios, lured by Animals bassist and Jimi Hendrix manager Chas Chandler, and an apparitional record deal.

When said deal went bust, the Eggs “did what any American band would do,” Stiff Records co-founder Dave Robinson told a journalist. “They went to the nearest bar and said, ‘Give us your worst night.’” Which is how Eggs Over Easy leapt onto the pages of pop music history.

Their humble Monday night gigs at a former jazz club called the Tally Ho – pub rock ground zero — would become the hub for a network of artists, venues, and music business machers that included back-to-basics groups Ducks Deluxe, Bees Make Honey and Dr. Feelgood, DJs John Peel and Charlie Gillett, and hustlers like Jake Riviera and Mr. Robinson.

Founding members of Eggs Over Easy, Jack O’Hara and Austin de Lone, are back together and ready to recreate that Tally Ho magic in a series of shows throughout 2016. Special guests are expected at most, if not all, performances.

“There were hippies there, skinheads, rastafarians. I remember, most especially, a Sikh bus driver with a turban on and his bus driver uniform dancing away. It was an unbelievable scene with people hanging off the ceilings. There was this fantastic feeling that you were in on something extraordinary.”

–       Nick Lowe on Eggs Over Easy at The Tally Ho